103-Breaking the Power of Leviathan

The best way to explain what harm Leviathan does is the statement “twisted communication that destroys relationships.” The name Leviathan is mentioned several times in the bible and it is described as a sea serpent or sea monster. The meaning of Leviathan in Hebrew is “twisted” or “coiled.” In Greek mythology he was the “god of chaos” This spirit is at the core of miscommunication and its assignment is to break up covenants especially marriages and families. Businesses and ministries can be badly hampered by the way Leviathan affects their communications within. It can interrupt and cut off communications which are the life and blood of relationships.


Leviathan is not a demon but a high level spirit which is called a principality. Some scholars believe that Leviathan is in the same order as Seraphim. The main access it has to us is through our blood lines which we inherited from our ancestors. Pride is at its roots; the key scripture is in Job 41:34 which states “he is king over all the children of pride.” Leviathan is a king not a prince. When we have pride, even a little pride we can then open the door to this spirit sabotage our relationships. Leviathan uses our tongue to do great damage but when anger is added tremendous destruction follows. It also hides council and wisdom and brings people into bondage and at times depression.


This spirit always brings confusion, strife, despair and destruction wherever it goes! If it continues unchecked it brings a disastrous fall. Why? Because the scriptures say “God opposes the proud” and “He will bring the high low!” Even a Christian can be influenced by this spirit especially when Leviathan twists the scriptures so we believe we know truth yet do not have the whole council of God..


Knowing who this spirit is and how it operates will enable you to discern when it is working in your life. Paul warned us about not being ignorant of the devil and his schemes. We will show you the keys of dealing with Leviathan using spiritual warfare to uproot it from your family line! Jesus is the way to freedom and humility is the key to walking in that freedom. There is a prayer at the end which will help you pray to destroy all these strongmen and strongholds!